Sharon Bowen gardens with her husband at their home in Hot Springs Village.

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Yellow Bells
by Sharon Bowen       #Flowers   #Plant Profile

Excellent in a large container, esperanza dresses up any patio.

Flowering shrubs such as Tecoma stans (esperanza, yellow bells) have a dramatic impact on a landscape, whether they are used for a colorful accent or planted along a boundary for a showy border.

Esperanza is a large treelike shrub with lush green foliage. Its leaves are divided into five to 13 leaflets, and it produces huge clusters of bright yellow, bell-shaped flowers from spring into fall.

Esperanza performs well in the heat of summer and is not susceptible to insect infestations or fungal diseases. However, it is frost sensitive and should be protected from freezing temperatures. Since it is an excellent container specimen, consider potting it so it can be moved to a protected area for the winter.


Esperanza has a tropical appearance with its lush foliage and showy flowers.


Common Name: Esperanza, yellow bells, hardy yellow trumpet, yellow elder

Botanical Name: Tecoma stans

Type: Perennial (or annual) shrub

Blooming Period: Spring to fall

Size: 10 feet tall to 4 feet wide, larger in warmer climates

Exposure: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained soil

Water: Low to moderate. Drought tolerant once established.

Care Tips: Protect from hard freezes. Prune any frost damage in late winter or early spring. It is a fast grower and will recover quickly.

In Your Landscape: Excellent container plant or use as an accent.


(From Arkansas Gardener Volume XII Issue I. Photos courtesy of Sharon Bowen.)


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