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from State-by-State Gardening January/February 2014

Gain Total Control of your Garden Tasks

The AMES® Total Control garden cart is an essential all-season garden tool thanks to its 5 cubic foot, corrosion-proof poly tray. The 18-inch bicycle-style wheels keep the cart balanced when rolling over rough or uneven ground, and the extended loop handles and unique grip design make it easy to maneuver and dump materials. The cart retails for $79.99-$99.99. For more information visit

  A Very Handy Handle

The Handy Camel is great for all your home and garden needs. It will keep your bird seed, lawn and plant seed, potting soil, fertilizer and more sealed tight and fresh. A large sack is opened just to use a small portion of the contents, once open, the sack is difficult to carry, the contents are open to the air, pests get into the sack or it falls over, spilling the contents. The Handy Camel will keep the moisture out, help pour just the right amount without spilling and provides a convenient handle to carry up to 40 lbs so you can easily move your big bags! Perfect for the gardener in your life! For additional information and ordering visit

Proven Garden Tool, Now Pink for a Worthy Cause

Long a 5-star customer favorite, the soil knife from A.M. Leonard’s Gardeners Edge, now comes with a pink handle. It’s the ideal tool to divide hostas and mums, quickly carve holes for tulips and glads, dig out weeds, slice through roots and much more. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research and education. Backed by a lifetime, free replacement, warranty. Only $21.99.

Greener, Healthier, More Robust Plants!

All fertilizers are not created equal. If you are looking for one that is derived from 100 percent natural ingredients, House & Garden's Plant Nutrient is a great choice. This premium fertilizer is based on a unique extract from plant seeds and specialty sea kelp which makes it a truly effective source of nutritious for both houseplants and plants in the garden. Since Plant Nutrient is highly concentrated, you only need five drops per quart of water and application is only necessary once per week. Marked results are evident within four to six weeks. To learn more about this earth-friendly product, visit



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