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from State-by-State Gardening July/August 2013

Watering the landscape just became a little easier!

Gone are the days of frustrating kinks and manually winding a hose reel. The RoboReel Water Hose Reel by Great Stuff Inc® provides a level of convenience and ease of use never seen before in a hose reel. Touch a button on the unit, or on the remote at the end of the hose, and your hose neatly and automatically retracts. Unit includes a heavy-duty hose that will not kink or go flat in your choice of two sizes: 100 feet of 5/8-inch hose or 150 feet of 1/2-inch hose. Five different nozzles for a variety of watering needs are also included. For more information on this innovative product, visit

Container gardening just  became a whole lot lighter! 

PotLifter is an ergonomically designed tool for 2 persons to safely lift and move heavy, awkward objects such as flowerpots, rocks, tree root balls, logs and heavy bags – from grass seed to soil bags to cement. Made from a heavy-duty combination of specially constructed straps, buckles and handles, PotLifter will lift up to 200 lbs in weight and accommodate a range of sizes from 36” in circumference to 84” (whiskey barrel). Special buckles allow you to unbuckle the straps, pass the ends around the object and re-buckle, which eliminates the need to go under or over the object. (With flowerpots that means not damaging the plant material!) PotLifter is currently available for retail purchase in over 400 independent garden centers. Please check out our website

The Oasis Garden from Backyard Discovery!

Measuring 96 by 96 inches, this complete, self-contained raised-bed garden, is large enough to handle the most prolific garden! Simply assemble the unit and add your favorite planting soil (not included). The beds sit about 8 inches off the ground so weeds and bugs can’t enter from below. The beds have perforations for perfect soil moisture control, and a battery-operated timer and soaker hose (included, plus coiled hose) make watering simple! Wire mesh panels to keep out critters surround the garden, the rear panel is perfect for climbing plants and the upper section folds down as a washstand. Constructed from cedar and pretreated with water-based stain. Only $599 delivered to you! (Ships motor freight from Kansas, lower US 48 states only)
**Licensed under one or more US Patents 7,424,787; 7,490,435 and other US and foreign patents pending.



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