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from State-by-State Gardening May 2013

It's Container Gardening Time!

To create great container gardens it takes the perfect pot, proper plant selection and most importantly, the right potting soil. Black Gold® Natural & Organic Potting Soil--OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed-- is the ideal choice. This premium growing mix is suited for all-purpose gardening applications, but it works particularly well in container gardens and raised beds. The 100 percent natural ingredients consist of earthworm castings, Canadian peat moss and compost. Perlite and/or pumice is added to ensure optimum aeration. So, if you are an environmentally conscious gardener, visit to learn more about this rich, organic potting medium.

The Easiest to Use and Most Versatile Wheelzbarrow Ever!

Amish designed and assembled in Winesburg, Ohio. This amazing invention is now revolutionizing the way Americans work on outdoor projects. No more heavy lifting! No more balancing acts! No more plywood ramps! The rear two wheels do the tiresome lifting and balancing for you. Simply push down on the EZ Comfort handle and the front wheel conveniently pops up and over minor obstacles. Owning a Wheelzbarrow means that moving heavy objects from one place to another, no longer needs to be a dreaded task. Just load them up in your handy Wheelzbarrow and cart your way to less aches and pains! Do not delay. Pick up the phone and call now! For nore information call 1-855-838-2646 or visit

Rain Chains – Functional Art

Oregon Garden Art makes copper and aluminum rain chains. Their woven link design is sturdy, doesn’t blow around or clog up, and looks good on any style of house. Chains are made in the USA and satisfaction is guaranteed. For installation instructions and rain gardening ideas, visit







As Easy As 1-2-3!

Sharpening your hand pruners, loppers or any other garden tool can be as easy as 1-2-3. The Speedy Sharp carbide sharpening tool is easy to use – it takes very little time and effort to sharpen your tools. Place the shiny carbide edge of the Speedy Sharp flat against the beveled edge of your pruner blade, tilt it up on the edge of the carbide, run the Speedy Sharp down the pruner blade approximately 10 times and you’re done. Fits in your pocket. Lifetime warranty. Speedy Sharp $9.95. Order or call 307-367-3572.

The Last Tomato Cage 

You'll Buy! Patented by a tomato lover who tired of propping up his plants with spindly metal frames, bedsheet strips and broomsticks (sound familiar?), “Dave’s Great Green Tomato Cage” telescopes vertically and laterally to just the right height and width to support tomatoes and virtually anything else that climbs – peonies, cucumbers, beans and more. Stackable units are virtually indestructible and impervious to rust, rot, mildew, even UV rays. Setup takes mere seconds, and it folds for easy and compact storage. Basic kit starts at $24.95. Made in the USA.





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