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from State-by-State Gardening September 2013

New! Solar Accent Lighting For Hanging Baskets And Patio Planters.

The sPOTlight collection is a variety of solar-powered lights that show off your hanging baskets or planters. Ideal for hooks, wire or chain hangers. Copper, silver, white choices
in faceted resin or crackle glass teardrop. For more information please email:

Catch a Drip

This is a unique moisture hose specially made to work on a gravity drip system. The extra porous, easy flow, hose captures every drip from a central air conditioner/air handlers outside drain pipe and slowly drizzles the water evenly along the landscape, thereby utilizing the gallons of water that would normally be wasted. Made from 65 percent recycled tire rubber, the hose waters your landscape without ever turning on the faucet. The attachment slips on and off easily and will fit any standard PVC drain pipe. Available in 20 feet and 40 feet. For more information visit us at

Dynatrap DT1100

The Dynatrap® DT1100 is a great solution for keeping away mosquitos and other insects without the use of chemicals, pesticides or refills, and without any annoying zapping or buzzing sounds. The environmentally friendly Dynatrap® DT1100 is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and has an effective range of up to a ½ acre. The DT1100 is easy to install — it can either be mounted to the wall or displayed on the included hanging chain — and is durable in all weather conditions. The DynaTrap® DT1100 features a sleek look and is available in bronze, blue, green or black to match any outdoor décor. For a full list of products and retail locations visit us at

Get Smart 

About Growing Grass Pennington Smart Seed lets you do just that! Smart Seed is a high-quality seed that requires less water — 30 percent less water year after year versus ordinary seed — which makes lawns more resilient to disease, insects and drought and ultimately, easier to maintain.This drought-tolerant seed contains pure seed, no filler, and is enhanced with Pennington's exclusive MYCO Advantage seed technology that introduces beneficial microrganisms that are key to establishing a denser, deeper root system. Lawns grown from this seed actually remain green for up to three weeks without water. After all, a lush, healthier and greener lawn is the goal. For more information, visit



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