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Create a Space-Saving Herb Garden for your Wall
by Kathleen Hennessy       #Containers   #Herbs   #How to


I really enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, but buying the packaged variety at the grocery store can really add up. So, this winter I’m growing my own indoors. We created a space-saving herb garden to hang on our kitchen wall. The design keeps herbs handy without taking up limited shelf or counter space.



• Clean glass jars
• Hose clamps
• Board
• Small rocks
• Potting mix
• Mending plates
• Picture wire and d-hooks
• Plants


 Step 1

Select a sunny space on the wall or under a bright light. Measure the area where you’re going to hang the herb garden, then cut the backing board to size. We chose a scrap piece of cedar and sanded the board. We left ours natural, but you could easily paint or stain the wood to match your décor.

 Step 2

Attach clamps to the jars to make sure they’ll fit snuggly. We used simple duct clamps purchased at a home center. Then, remove the clamps from the jars.

Step 3

Lay the jars out on the board. If you’re stacking them, make sure to leave enough growing room for the plant. Make a mark where the clamp will attach to the board.


 Step 4

Attach the clamps to the board, using mending plates to hold the clamps in place.

 Step 5

Line the bottom of the jars with rocks for better drainage.

 Step 6

Add a good potting mix and insert the plants. Pack soil around the plant, lightly tamp it down, and add a little water.



 Step 7

Attach heavy-duty picture frame hooks and wire to the back of the board.

 Step 8

Attach the jars to the board, tightening the clamps.

 Step 9

The final step is to hang your finished project on the wall.



A version of this article appeared in a January/February 2016 print edition of State-by-State Gardening.
Photography courtesy of Kathleen Hennessy.


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