Mark has been the Director of Horticulture at Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, WI for the last 14 years. Along with dedicated staff and volunteers, Mark coordinates the development and improvement of this 20-acre botanical showcase. Mark’s background is in landscape architecture and urban forestry although his true passion is obtaining, growing, observing and photographing all manner of plants.


Include Elephant Ears Next Year!
by Mark Dwyer - posted 11/30/14


Due to another brutally cold day (-1 degree F wind chill) a week ago and the fact that my camera froze (before I dropped it), I thought I'd show some "warmer" photos.  These are all elephant ears (Colocasia sp.) and my reason for showing them is twofold.  We have done well growing them (like 'Royal Hawaiian Maui Gold' above) over the years at Rotary Botanical Gardens and in 2015, we'll have a large collection of these on display (including everything you see here and more!) in the three demonstration beds.  We'll include all types of Colocasia sp. and Alocasia sp.  I hope to acquire 50+ kinds for display.  With adequate watering and at least a half day of sunlight, elephant ears will thrive in the border and container and really had impact from foliage as well as coloration.  Some exciting varieties and species can be seen below.  Availability will vary but start "sniffing around" this winter for some of these selections as most can be found through mail-order sources or hopefully from your local garden center.


 'Royal Hawaiian Black Coral'


 'Royal Hawaiian Hawaiian Punch'

 'Royal Hawaiian Blue Hawaii'

 'Coffee Cups'

'Coffee Cups' (side view)

 'Royal Hawaiian Diamond Head'


 Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant'


'Midori Sour'

standard Colocasia esculenta (from behind leaf)

 'Heart of Darkness'

'Red Eyed Gecko'

 'Electric Blue Gecko'

'Puckered Up'

Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant'



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