A self-proclaimed “plant geek,” Cheryl received her Horticulture degree at Milwaukee Area Technical College. She spent many years working in the Otter Creek Landscape division and at John Michael Kohler Arts Center gardens. She’s now the office manager for The Wreath Factory and Otter Creek Landscape. Check out her blog for tips, travels and things that pop up in her garden.


New Home for Green Beans & Peas
by Cheryl Walsh - posted 08/31/14

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This spring, my husband decided to build a green bean trellis after looking on the internet for ideas on how to grow green beans more efficiently.  I am always looking for new ideas for the garden and will try just about anything once.  He started out with one and then decided  we could use another one.   We planted the pole green bean seeds by one trellis and sugar snap peas on the other trellis with Asian beans on the ends of both.  In  June,  the bean and pea seedlings were just the right size and tastiness for the rabbits in our neighborhood to enjoy.  I was in England when my husband told me about the rabbits invading the garden.  The gardens in England also had rabbit issues at the same time.  They claim that some of their rabbits were the size of small dogs.  My rabbits also enjoyed the kohlrabi, beets and carrots.  My husband then decided to add  a fence around the entire 24′ X 24′ vegetable garden to prevent those rabbits from enjoying our garden vegetables.  At that point, we decided those vegetables we were growing better be really good, in fact good enough to be worth about $70  as the fence cost that much.  We had to replant the seeds again and as of now, we have harvested the peas and are patiently waiting for the green beans to arrive.  There are many flowers on the bean bushes so I know they are coming soon!


We also had a morning glory growing up the trellis.  One of the seeds must have been in the compost I used in the garden.  Screws were used instead of nails so it can be partially taken apart for storage over the winter.




I can’t wait to be eating green beans soon!




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